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Step 1: Browse our Digital Voucher Store to find the retailer you want to buy from.

Step 2: Decide on an amount to purchase a voucher for. Don't worry, if the voucher is for more than you spend at the shop you can keep the code and use it next time you shop. 

Step 3: Pay for your voucher using credit, debit card or even better the Banked app if you can to reduce our transaction cost.

Banked connects to your online and/or mobile banking app and costs just 0.1% of the transaction rather than upwards of 1% when using Visa or MasterCard. The less we are charged, the more benefits we can pass on to you.


Step 4: When the purchase is complete we check the payment has cleared and email your Digital Voucher to you.

Currently we have to do this manually and are aiming to do it within a couple of minutes but please bear with us if the email doesn't come instantly, we will send it as soon as we can. 


Step 5: Shop and spend your voucher at your chosen retailer. 


Step 6: We collect the cashback generated by your purchase directly and add it to the entitlement you accumulate.


Step 7: View the contributions you have made to the fund via logging into your members app.

Digital voucher store purchases are processed within 24 hours to show on your account. With the open banking model it can take anything up to a month for transactions to appear while we process receiving the cashback from our partners. 

When the amount does first show it will display as 'Pending', until it is sent to our partner fund manager to invest, at which point it will show as Invested.We will invest funds on an ongoing basis

Step 8: In time, as your entitlement grows we can work with you to transfer your entitlement to your personal pension fund or if need be work to set it up for you to transfer in to.

The infrastructure to support this is part of our Phase one Legal and technology work. More details on this will follow.

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