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Background image of a mobile phone resting on a payment machine at a shop - showing how you can pay for products from mobile banking



What we do: We link to retailers in 2 ways.

How we benefit Retailers

Open Banking Our members can link their  bank accounts to their AirFunders account. This is an FCA regulated process that UK banks are signed up to in order to give their customers access to value added services.

What we do is work in the background to match transactions within our members accounts with those of our partner retailers where we can collect cash back. All our members have to do is spend as normal and we will search out those cashback opportunities.

It's all about the data. Why are merchants interested in passing cash back in this way to customers? 

Our proprietary system gives merchants the ability to target customers who may not have shopped with them for some time in order to give them a special incentive. It's another way of making use of the various customer loyalty opportunities that are out there.   


Digital Vouchers We have a digital voucher store for the purchase of vouchers. If you buy a voucher from us before you shop we will collect a commission which is converted in to cash back for members. We are effectively hooking in to the gift card and voucher network. Each retailer is different in the cash back they can give us and the amount also transaction costs.

Our preferred payment mechanism is Banked which delivers real time account to account payments. You can pay by Visa or Mastercard also, however, processing charges are greater and therefore the actual payment to you will be slightly lower.


A selection of the Retailer cash back we can collect on a consistent basis is as follows: 

Amazon: 2.5% - Asda: 3% - Morrisons : 3% - Sainsbury's: 3% - Sports Direct: 4% -  Primark: 5% - Marks & Spencer: 5% - Just Eat: 6% - ASOS: 7% - Starbucks: 9% - Costa Coffee: 9% - If you want to know about other brands, just message us to find out.


The digital voucher store is the central point for accessing vouchers.

Follow our Step by Step guide to see how it works.

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