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Chris Turnbull - CEO

AirFunders is a completely novel and unique way to add to your pension savings and support your community and we are only at the very first stage of our journey.

With engagement and interest continuing to grow we hope to be able to continue our work, partnering with new retailers and rolling out an 'Open Banking' system, making the experience seamless for our users from end-to-end.

Please join us on our journey and bear with us as we undertake the necessary legal work to deliver our full proposition to you.


About Us

AirFunders. What is the name about and what is the logo about?

We want our members to build a fund out of fresh air. We also want to bring fun to building long term saving and the word pension.

With our logo we want to bring together the smile and a wink. The upward slant of the wink is to reflect the rising benefits of investing and compounding investment returns.


Founder Chris Turnbull has had a varied career in financial services spanning wealth management and institutional trading and broking with the likes of Standard Life Investments, Instinet and ICAP.

Latterly Chris was the co-founder alongside renowned macroeconomic strategist Russell Napier of ERIC (Electronic Research Interchange), a solution to help fund managers deal with the unbundling of investment research.

We are based in Edinburgh but our reach is across the UK to bring a new solution to the whole country.

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