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"51% of employees with a workplace pension are worried that they won’t make enough to live their ideal retirement"

Auto enrollment in to a workplace pension generally delivers 8% of an employees earnings into the workplace pension, although workers do have the option of opting out. Financial experts suggest that people should be contributing between 12-15% to themselves an opportunity of a comfortable retirement. 15% is the so-called "magic number".

With 8% contributions, how can employees make up the difference?

By signing up to AirFunders we will find 'micro- contributions' s we call them to add to your private pension and help meet the 'pension gap'.

"56%of young savers do not feel they are adequately preparing for retirement"

Scottish Widows retirement report 2020

For young savers, the secret is to start early. The difference that can be made by starting early is vast. This is the beauty of AirFunders for young savers. Simply by signing up and linking bank accounts we will be working for you in the background. Creating opportunities with new partners coming on stream as we go.

"34%of the self-employed are not saving anything for retirement."

Scottish Widows retirement report 2020

The rise of the Gig economy means that more people are becoming self employed and being paid gross. With funds not taken at source and no equivalent to auto enrolment, funds simply aren’t put in to a pension unless someone is really organised. Something needs to be done to help the self employed start to build pension wealth.  


"65%of renters are concerned about running out of money in retirement." 

Scottish Widows retirement report 2020

Renting and not setting down roots with a mortgage means that a greater proportioned income goes in to living costs. This reduces the ability to save for the future for retirement. The future is therefore uncertain.

"29% of construction workers expect to never be able to retire".

Scottish Widows retirement report 2020

Construction can take workers from job to job depending on where there is demand. Construction is a sector where it can be hard to settle in to an employed role with contract work  meaning payment can be gross or with tax taken at source but no pension contributions made. 

"67%of ethnic minority grouping are not a member of any type of pension scheme". 

Scottish Widows retirement report 2020

Statistically members of ethnic minority groupings are more likely to be in less stable jobs. Language difficulties can be an impediment. 

Lower paid jobs with a greater likelihood of moving jobs more regularly. Without settling it is more difficult to become part of a pension scheme.

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