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I can vouch for vouchers


With or without the lockdown for coronavirus, there is change underway in how people are paying for their goods.

In April of this year cash withdrawals were down 60% year on year, and although this may be a direct reaction to lockdown, the reaction to covid 19 probably hastens this trend.


The rise in mobile technologies to enable payments means that people need only carry a phone these days with a digital wallet offering greater security. 

For merchants there are costs of processing but are these outweighed by convenience?

With AirFunders we have streamlined the purchase process to put the benefits of shopping digitally directly in to the hands of our members, general consumers.

By purchasing a voucher before you spend with a number of household names, we can help you build savings for your future, building up small increments on every purchase that add up over time helping you plan for for your future and ultimately retirement.

We have teamed up with Banked also to provide a cost efficient and secure way of making payments direct from your bank account. It is therefore not necessary to share your card details online which helps cut down on fraud.


Once you get the hang of it, the process couldn’t be simpler.  For example, I shop at Sainsbury’s regularly. I visit the digital voucher store and purchase a £100 voucher for Sainsbury’s. By using Banked to pay, I press a couple of buttons and my fingerprint is used to effect payment directly with my online banking app. I store the bar code in my digital wallet and use it to pay whenever I visit Sainsbury’s. I collect my nectar points, make my purchases as normal but also get around £3.50 allocated to my AirFunders account for my future. When shopping on Amazon I do the same, purchase a voucher and redeem the voucher to my account. Likewise, when it comes to a takeaway with Just Eat. What’s not

to like!

Mobile digital wallets and payments using

mobile phones gives rise to a secure, efficient

new way for me to shop, bringing long term

benefits. It’s a win win situation.

Using mobile phones to pay gives the ability to

bring together different technologies that work

in tandem to provide efficiencies and incentives

not available when paying with cash.


For AirFunders, bringing together our voucher

store, and Banked, and an app called

‘Pass2UWallet’ (where there is an AirFunders

template to create a custom voucher), we

create a solution that cuts transaction costs for members that can then be pushed in to their fund for their long term benefit.

Join us and have a look at the various merchants we have available to you and by altering how you shop you can start to see the benefits showing as the small increments of cash back accumulate for you and o time create something tangible for your future.

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