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Shoppers of the world unite and take over. 


What Smart Data can do for you.

The government detailed their intention to legislate on ‘Smart Data’ on the 9th September 2020, with the vision “for an economy where consumers’ data works for them and not against them.”


Smart Data is about consumers having control of their data for it to be utilised in ways that benefits them.

“If consumers choose to grant them permission, third party providers should be able to use consumer data to develop new innovative products and services that are tailored to consumers’ individual needs and requirements.”


I am generally happy for my data to be used to provide me with targeted marketing. Social media feeds pointing out things that I should be buying based on what I have said and looked at online.


Social media algorithms see brands paying for interactions with potential customers, paying the platform for access to those likely to convert. What Smart data can do is allow consumers to control the relationship themselves rather than a digital platform having all the power. If your expenditure can deliver for you rather than for Facebook or other digital marketing platforms, then that has to be a win win.


Everyone has data associated with them and everyone’s data has a value. Data is a leveller. For every demographic there is a merchant looking to connect with a particular socioeconomic grouping.  


The government in the UK is looking to promote innovation in Smart Data to make their data work for people in ways that will benefit them.


Working as a community is worthwhile to gain maximum benefit. The power of data grows with the size of the dataset and more opportunities to leverage that can emerge for the benefit of the whole community.


Working with us to deliver something unique and tangible for you and your future start by registering with us to kept up to speed on updates and time stamp your start date as an AirFunder. Our allocation algorithm is designed to reward members in various ways, one of which is time served as a member.

In a society which is plagued by problems currently, which are likely to get worse, community is one of the true positives that has emerged in the year that is 2020. People have recognised the need to help those that need help be it through ‘Eat out to Help out’ for the beleaguered hospitality sector or appreciating the contribution of key workers (it would be great if there was a way to show appreciation financially also).  


By pulling together and pooling together we can make a difference.


We want to be involved in this new wave of data liberation to make a difference for our members, bringing them long term benefits. their data more effectively in a frictionless way. By joining our community, you can help us make a real contribution to society and the problems that will develop in the future with an aging population ill prepared for retirement.

You can register here to become part of the community, be kept up to speed and start to benefit when the time comes at no cost.

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