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AirFunders is about helping people build a "Fund" from fresh "Air". Using the power of open banking we find money to add to your AirFunders account from your expenditure.

All you need to do is "set and forget". We will be working in the background for you to let you benefit from your data.




​AirFunders is a unique way to save for your future.


You are being rewarded in the future for your loyalty today, by being part of a community where all our members benefit from working together. The more we engage collectively with retailers the more funds we can generate. You benefit and so do others.

No matter how much you have to spend, your data is valuable and can create micro contributions for you which helps build for your future.

​We use Open Banking infrastructure to track transactions with partner merchants. The cashback generated is added to the fund and your entitlement to the fund grows.


By using our member website, you will be able to see how your average monthly contribution and current entitlement could grow over time, over various time periods and at different rates of return.

Why is this such a great idea?


We understand that most folk don’t start thinking about pensions until well into their 40’s and that sometimes the extra cost of contributing to a pension is just not possible.


In fact, our research shows that 63% of respondents said they were unprepared for retirement or had not thought about it. Interest in finding different ways of funding a pension was high at 91%. 

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